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Miscellaneous Commercial Insurance Information


Snow Removal plates are part of the Commercial Plate series, and for this reason vehicles registered with Snow Removal plates can also be used in warm weather months and may legally operate on the ways of the Commonwealth and haul other commodities (sand, gravel, rock, coal, etc.) during the period of registration.

These plates are issued to customers who use their vehicles as snow plows or salt/sand vehicles in the winter and for other uses during the rest of the year. Snow Removal plates are valid for one year (regardless of the vehicle’s weight), with an expiration date of September 30th.


Snow Removal plates were issued beginning in 2004 to eliminate the burden of multiple registration transactions some customers had to go through annually. Commercial Normal plates were generally used on snow plow vehicles prior to that time (and some still are) but because Commercial plates expire in December of each year, many snow plow customers needed three (3) plate transactions per year. They obtained new Commercial plates in the fall to prepare for the upcoming snow season, then they needed to renew the plates in January, and most of these customers then chose to cancel the plates in the Spring after the snow season had ended.

Snow Removal plates are part of the Commercial Normal plate series and have the prefix SR (snow removal). The plate numbers consist of SR1000 – SR9999. Any customer eligible for a Commercial plate is eligible for a Snow Removal plate. Registration fees and renewal fees for Snow Removal plates are calculated the same way that they are for Commercial Normal plates. The only exception is that the fee for a Snow Removal plate is not prorated. Snow Removal plates are available in all full-service branches.