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Our companies offer you several payment options:


Commerce Insurance – Personal Lines policies

 Call in your payment  ($2.95 charge)   1-800-922-8276

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If you want to make a one time payment without signing up for Commerce Cares, please go to the commerce cares link above, scroll to the bottom for one time payment option.



NGM Insurance Company

 Two options to call your payment in to NGM

Automated: 1-800-611-0958

Customer Service: 1-888-333-4014

 Online payments

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Concord Group Insurance Company

Customer Service: 1-800-852-3380

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Travelers Insurance Company

Customer Service: 1-800-252-2268

Travelers Express Pay 

Sign up for EFT or pay with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check  



Utica National Insurance Group

Customer Service: 1-800-598-8422

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