The Coverage You Need


You can ALWAYS report a claim directly to Conte Insurance Agency during our normal business hours.  Our professional staff is trained to review losses and advocate for our clients.

If you prefer to contact the company directly or to report your claim after normal business hours, please see the company information list below.

Prior to reporting a claim, please have your policy number and claim details available.


Company List

Commerce Insurance Company                                  1-800-221-1605

NGM Insurance Company                                            1-877-425-2467

Norfolk & Dedham Insurance Company                   1-800-688-1825

Mass Property Insurance (MPIUA)                            1-800-392-6108

Travelers Insurance Company                                     1-800-238-6225

Utica Insurance Company                                             1-800-216-1420

Grundy Worldwide                                                         1-866-338-4006 press #7

American Reliable                                                           508-757-6401  Conte Insurance

RLI Insurance Company                                                508-757-6401  Conte Insurance